foosball anyone?

From an all too brief summer vacation with the Cousins. Beers were had, spills were made, and the competition got a little too intense, thanks to a friendly stranger.

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Playing Hide-And-Go-Seek With A Robot Is Stupid and Dangerous.

That is all.

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wil wheaton, pwned

First, he layeth down the challenge via Twitter:

Then, I took the quiz. First try, 9/10. Wil Wheaton pwned.

In other news, Wil Wheaton is still more awesome than me.

That is all.

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cathedrale notre dame de paris

Apparently, some people who have seen this photo really like it. Taken in January with my iPhone as me and my friend were walking along the Seine to get to what turned out to be a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in Paris.


Check out more photos at my flickr.

That is all.

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follow me

A 200% increase in the number of places to get Savage Steve into your life:



That is all.

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