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October 6, 2003

The Heat is On.

Brrrr. If today was any sign of the winter we're headed for, I don't think I'm going to like it. Cold. Ice on my car (yes, I have a garage, but there's stuff in it). Icy fingers and toes. Enough! I will think warm thoughts, and turn the thermostat up just a little more...

I told Wil Wheaton (my blogging hero) to vote for Mary Carey for governor of California today. Well I didn't actually tell him, per se, but I did vote in an informal poll on the BBC Radio Five Live web site, which supposedly will influence how Wil will (Wil will?) vote tomorrow. For the whole story, check out Wil's blog entry for today.

[ Editor's note (that would be me): I had written a whole paragraph on George Bush, but I felt it was just a little too political for my blog at this point in time. Hey, it's only my second post! I don't want to alienate any of my readers. Assuming I have readers. I haven't really told many people about this blog. ]

Oh, and I bought some really cool schtuff this weekend from the MoMA online store. If you don't know what MoMA is, then you'd better get hip to it, daddy-o.


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October 1, 2003

Blog, blog, blog...

This is my first "official" blog entry. I have been screwing around with blogging for a while, and I finally got Movable Type configured properly on my web host. Woo hoo! So welcome to my blog world.

It was cold today. Not just "cold", but "winter cold". You could smell it in the air. We had a fairly mild summer, and it's been cool out the past week, but this morning it was cold. I wore a jacket for the first time since spring, and I'm getting dangerously close to turning on the heat in the house.

Of course, we have a whole fall to get through before winter actually arrives, and I'm looking forward to it. Fall is my favorite season. It is a sensory wonderland-- full of color, cool temperatures, the smell of burning wood, and the taste of apple cider. It's also a great time to go camping!

Today's interesting fact: Currency has portraits of people on them because the human brain is amazingly good at recognizing faces and can detect small differences in them, thus helping to prevent counterfeiting.


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