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May 31, 2004

and steve said, "let there be beer"

The brewing season has officially started! I spent all day yesterday brewing the first batch of beer of the season, whilst sampling some of my previous batches and having a generally good time. Nothing beats the smell of fresh malt and hops as they boil in a giant 5-gallon stock pot on your stove. With the exception of a few notable missteps (let's just say I'm glad I was wearing shorts that dry quickly), everything went smoothly, although I think my basement temps are still a little too low-- the yeast have not begun fermentation yet, so I might have to move the whole thing upstairs where it is agreeably warmer.


Posted by Savage Steve at 10:22 AM

May 28, 2004

back on the wire

SavageSteve.net is officially back on the wire again after a too lengthy hiatus, but two webservers and one DNS change later, here I am. I've switched to a full Unix-based web hosting company, so now my blog software can be fully utilized.

More to come... soon.

Word for the day: "Finch Fries"-- no, not the bird.


Posted by Savage Steve at 6:53 PM