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July 9, 2005

gotta love ol' baldy

Mr. Clean Magic EraserHoly crap are my walls clean! The previous tenants of my humble abode must have had some pretty wild parties, because my walls were scuffed to high holy hell (disclaimer: they were just an old couple).

Now I can hang my photography with pride, because the scuffs and other shit on the walls won't be competing for attention. Man, why didn't someone force me to use this product a long time ago?

I don't know what voodoo you do, Mr. Clean, but I likes it! Way to go!


p.s. Did I pass the commercial audition?

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July 4, 2005


OK, so I haven't posted in a long while. This post is just here so I can have an entry on the main page while I tweak the look and feel of the site.


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