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September 24, 2005

goin' to the car wash


So... much... soap!

Posted by Savage Steve at 7:55 PM


Ah... there's nothing like a cool fall day with bright sunshine and a slight breeze to lift one's spirits-- and that it has done, in abundance.

I think the two things I like about early fall (and even late summer, for that matter), are the lower-angle sunlight and the clearer air. The sun doesn't give the harsh shadows it does during summer, the light is slightly yellower, and things have a "bathed in sunlight" look instead of a "baked in sunlight" look.

The lower humidity is a welcome change, too, making even an 80 degree day seem cool by comparison to a similar midsummer day, and you can see to the horizon with little haze. Colors seem more saturated.

So, happy fall to all, and I hope it lasts longer than our recent "spring".


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September 2, 2005

where in the u.s. is dick cheney?

Just as I began wondering just where the heck Dick Cheney is these days (not just this past week but for as long as I can remember), Josh Marshall writes that several readers of Talking Points Memo are wondering where he is, too.

As Josh points out, Cheney is scheduled to go visit Canada next week and host a fundraiser later this month. News Googling "dick cheney" returns a paucity of results.

So where is ol' Dick?

My two cents: he's distancing himself. With President Bush's approval ratings at an all time low, it would seem like a logical thing to do. But... he's the vice president of our country. He needs to be visible and help provide leadership in these trying times. Or perhaps he just doesn't want to take the ratings hit.


Posted by Savage Steve at 6:22 PM