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October 30, 2005


Well I finally got the Gallery software installed and configured (mostly). So now I have a place to showcase some photography. Not much there yet-- I'm still kind of playing around with it.

Speaking of photography, I read about an interesting project a while ago called "an image a week" or something like that. The idea is to produce one "good" image a week for a year and post them, each week, on a web page. It's interesting because it sounds simple, but it will probably give me a lot to think about and try, photographically speaking. So now that I have Gallery running, maybe I will try it.

Enter the gallery.


Update: It's called "photo-a-week", and here's a webpage describing it: All about Photo-a-Week

Update 2: I dumped the Gallery software in favor of some very nice photo gallery templates that work directly with MovableType. They are much nicer, simpler, though involve a bit more manual labor to manage. But I like them. The link above to the gallery has been changed to the new gallery.

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October 12, 2005

rain rain go away


OK, I get it. Rain.

Rain yesterday. Rain today. Even more rain tomorrow.


And it's cold too. Brrr.

...That is all.


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