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November 16, 2005

just for this, a new category

I've added a new category-- OMFG-- to the blog entries. I've been thinking of adding it for a while, but when I ran across the following item, I had to create it.

“Bush Was Right!” — The New Hit Single Ready to Rock a Generation

RightMarch.com, a conservative online advocacy group, has launched a campaign trying to get a right-wing musical duo, The Right Brothers, onto MTV.

Think Progress has the full story, an audio sample, the e-mail RightMarch.com sent to their supporters, and the full lyrics to the song.

OMFG. I don't even know where to begin. Are the neocons really that desperate that they have to put their arguments to song? I'm using the term "arguments" loosely here, the lyrics are basically just a bunch of partisan rhetoric. And the music is just plain bad, too.


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November 4, 2005


The latest addition to savagesteve.net... a wiki!

Oh great, now everyone can make changes to my web site. It goes against my webmaster nature, but then, one must change or quickly face obsolescence (on the web, that is). So I change.

Setting up the wiki was pretty easy. Figuring out what to do with it is a bit harder. Software of choice: MediaWiki, the software that runs one of my favorite new web sites, Wikipedia.



Update: I took the wiki down. I was just playing with it, and I had no real intent on keeping it anyway. So *poof*, it is gone.

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