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December 31, 2003

Another Year Down

OK, here's my obligatory "End of the Year Top Ten" blog entry. Actually, it'll be broken into two "Top Five" lists: one for the good stuff, one for the bad stuff.

So without further ado...

Top Five Things That Sucked in 2003:

5. Shot down by LH.

4. 34. So I'm a little vain.

3. SPAM. My inbox is crammed with more spam every day.

2. The war in Iraq. WAY too many people (both American and Iraqi) have died.

1. Putting my cat, Tasha, to sleep. I miss her.

Top Five Things That Rocked in 2003:

5. National "Do-not-call" list. Finally, the government is doing something for the people, not to them.

4. iTunes for Windows! Go Apple! (Their stock is doing well, too!)

3. New office. It was about freakin' time!

2. Abigail Morgan Davis.

1. I'm brewing beer again. Mmmm.... beeeeeeeer.

I s'pose if I thought harder, I could find other things that sucked more and other things that rocked more, but I'm lazy, the year went by too damn quickly, and it's almost 2004 now and I wanted to post this before the end of the year.


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December 14, 2003

Random Junk

Hey, I'm back. Here's some stuff to read:

Saddam Hussein. We got him, now what are we going to do with him? This was a fun surpirse to hear about this morning. Go Dubbya! [Editor's note: you will never hear me say that again!]

Snow. Last week's snow was fun. This week's snow sucks. I'm ready for spring. At least the days will be getting longer soon-- but it's still getting colder, damnit!

November. Yes, there was a November. No, there weren't any entries in my blog. Thanks, J. for the gentle push to blog again.

That's about it... more coherent stuff later, when I have something profound to say.


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