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February 21, 2004

I am sick, but getting better

I am sick. I am sick of the corrupt version of United States democracy that I see around me every day. The partisan "you're either with us or against us " tactics that our elected government representatives practice every day makes me want to vomit. Not only are these actions in complete opposition to reason and basic critical thinking, but they are causing citizens to second guess their own actions.

Citizens like me. I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000, and was immediately blamed, along with the millions of others who voted for Nader but should have voted for Al Gore, for allowing George W. Bush to be elected president. I stood my ground and insisted that it was the people who voted for Bush who were the ones who elected him-- I voted for the candidate of my choice, but he lost.

Tonight, I found out that Ralph Nader will announce on Sunday his intention to either run or not run for president. This led me to a website, www.repentantnadervoter.org, and a list of reasons that past Nader-voters should not support him should he choose to run, but instead vote for the the candidate most likely to beat Bush, since Bush is so bad. Which is exactly the statement I made to a friend of mine the other day-- I told him I was willing to vote for the Democratic candidate, even though I may not like him, simply because I would do whatever it takes to take George W. Bush out of the office of president. He's that bad.

I recant. I will vote for the candidate whom I believe will best represent U.S. citizens, in accordance with the Constitution, because the president of the United States must be held accountable to the very people who grant him the power with which he is duty-bound to use to preserve, protect and defend their rights, liberties, and welfare.

With the 2004 election drawing near, I find myself involved in politics like I have never been-- like I should have been since turning 18. I am critical of George W. Bush's presidency, and like a good citizen, I question his actions and demand that he be held accountable for them. I am also reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution-- really reading them, and not just so I can pass a quiz in history class.

I will not let partisan politics interfere with my duty and right as a citizen to participate in my government in a conscientious manner. As the Ad Council message goes, "I am an American."


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February 6, 2004

To Shreds

I am now the proud owner of a crosscut paper shredder! Woo-hoo! Now nobody can go dumpster diving and ferret out out my personal information. It ain't their business!

I like my privacy, but that's not the real point of this entry. The point is that as I was going through years of old documents (bills, receipts, etc.), I came across a buried green folder with some of my writing in it.

I opened the folder, and right on top was an interesting piece from a night at the local coffee house several years ago. I had gone there, bought a hot cup of tea, found a seat in a corner I could disappear into, and wrote down what I saw in a kind of stream-of-consciousness way. Here it is.

Yellowed wooden floors, worn by years of lives, blackened between the boards from every day's problems, varnished to cover up years of neglect, to start a new floor.

Man in black, not Johnny, standing with guitar behind a slender microphone stand mocking the man because it is thinner than he, dressed in black shirt, black jeans, black shoes, black hair-- thinning, a bit-- clear glasses standing out from his face, wrapped his feet in electric cables so we may hear his music-- folksy, mellow, soothing.

Nervous couple, on a date-- she pretty in green (pastel) shirt and faded blue jeans, hair swept back and to the side of tan face, soft skin, arms crossed not knowing what to do with them, talking for the sake of conversation, he in lumberjack plaid, dark blue jeans, curly brown hair with beard, staring, but trying not to, at pretty girl, he talks to make her like him... they laugh together.

Crowd, talking, laughing, chattering in mixed tones, volumes, pitches, standing, sitting, getting up, sitting down, walking, waiting in line, looking, listening, not looking, each on a mission to buy coffee, tea, a brownie, or some ice cream, picking, shuffling, greeting, looking again, recognizing, wandering, waving, smiling, planning next step, primping, checking, wandering, identifiying possibilities.

As I read this today, for the first time in what must be many years, I was amazed that not only had I totally forgotten having written this (I love finding things I've forgotten about), but that I was quickly able to reconstruct the scene in my mind and place myself back there on that night. I can still smell the aroma from the tea.

Don't worry. I didn't shred it.


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