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July 28, 2004


I've been watching a lot of the Food Network lately, mostly "Good Eats", "Unwrapped", "Emeril Live", and "BBQ with Bobby Flay", and I have a few observations:

1) Alton Brown is a genius and a very funny guy.

2) Marc Summers is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as Bobby "Top 5" Rivers-- could his on-air personality be any more plastic?

3) I've been watching Emeril make some damn good looking/tasting meat dishes, and I've found it particularly tough being vegetarian lately.

4) I laughed out loud when I heard a woman proclaim, "If you put enough butter, sugar, and cinnamon on something, it's going to taste good" on the "BBQ with Bobby Flay" show.

5) I'm always hungry when I watch this damn channel! Maybe I should start watching the Excercise Network so I'll be motivated to get back to the gym.


p.s. My "fortune" from a recent fortune cookie-- "If you can't decide up or down try moving across". Huh? How is this a fortune? Now, if you add the requisite "in bed" at the end, it's pretty damn funny.

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July 24, 2004

back in mac!

I bought a 12" Apple PowerBook G4 last night-- the first Mac I have owned since I sold my Macintosh Plus back in 1990. Yikes! Talk about a quantum leap in technology. Of course, that was 15 years ago, ahem...

Anyway, I love it. It's small, lightweight, powerful, infinitely portable, and the battery lasts forever. Oh, and I accessorized it with a 40GB iPod, too. :-)
Apple 12
Oh, and now I finally have an iLife.


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July 21, 2004

the mundane

In an article in my favorite journal about black & white photography, LensWork (ok, it's the only one I read), a photographer who was being interviewed said that his passion was finding art and beauty in the everyday things. This was followed by a beautiful portfolio of images of the photographer's kitchen, including dirty dishes and empty cups.

I'm paraphrasing this terribly (because I'm lazy and don't want to get my ass up off the chair to find the specific issue in my bookcase that stands not 3 meters away), but his point (and a recurring theme of the journal) is that photography, and art in general, is more about one's vision than it is about subject matter. Hence, photographs of dirty dishes in a kitchen can be beautiful moving works of art because it's not about the dirty dishes-- it's about the vision and the emotion.

So I tried an experiment. I took my camera and tried to make some images around the house-- living room, kitchen, and then finally the bathroom. I don't claim that these are amazing works of art, but I find them interesting, if only for the fact that for a short time one afternoon, I found beauty in the mundane.

So take a look at my very small experiment with the mundane.


p.s. You might notice, oh clever viewer, that I did not include a bathroom image... they all sucked, that's why. :-)

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i don't like spam!

Sorry to harp on this again, buuuuuuut...

I received 831 spam e-mails in June. So far, in July, I've received 513. And in all of 2004 so far? 3,497.

To quote a friend, "Why are people so fucking stupid?"

Why are stupid people ruining the Internet?


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