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June 30, 2004

whaddya mean i can't fit three kegs in my refrigerator?


Pale ale, stout, porter... oh my!

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June 1, 2004


I was driving home this evening, and happened upon a very cool thing.

It had been cloudy all day, with rain predicted for this evening. Sure enough, as I headed north on my way home, I could see the clouds getting thicker and darker all around me. I glanced west, and saw that some clouds were already raining down upon the land-- you could see the rain in the air as a delicate grey mist. It was still dry where I was driving, until I looked a short distance up the road.

I could see where the dry road ended, and the wet road began. At this same terminus, I saw IT.

The wall of rain-- the edge of the shower.

Something that you know exists, but rarely see. And I was speeding towards it with my window wide open. I quickly flicked the button to roll it up, but I wasn't fast enough-- I sped into the rain and the huge drops quickly soaked my car. A few managed to splatter me just as the window finished closing.

One second, dry. Another second later, wet. Very cool.


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stop the insanity!

During the month of May, I received 637 pieces of spam in my inbox-- that's just over 20 per day! And that's not counting the spam I get at work.

Enough already. What's wrong with our culture when people believe they have a right to slam a ton of junk advertising in my face, 24/7/365? I used to complain about the junk mail in my USPS mailbox, but that's nothing compared to my daily spam avalanche.

At least I have good spam filtering software.


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